Whaling City Rowing, a nonprofit educational organization, is dedicated to preserving the traditions of New Bedford, Massachusetts' maritime past while encouraging an appreciation for the area's modern-day maritime beauty.  WCR members row replicas of whaleboats once carried on the whaleships that called New Bedford their home and made New Bedford "The City that Lights the World."

WCR members row year round in New Bedford's active harbor amongst fishing boats and ferries, tugs and yachts.  The whaleboats are docked in the Pope's Island Marina.  In the fall, one of the boats is moved to the Slocum River in Dartmouth, providing access to an area of quiet water, marshes and seabirds.

People row for the exercise, for the club's social aspects, and (some) for sporting competition.  Recreational rowing is excellent aerobic exercise which builds strength and stamina.  Rowing regularly with a team is a bonding experience.  Those who choose to row in competitive events maximize both conditioning and teamwork.No rowing experience is required to become a WCR member.   All are welcome to join.  Members are from diverse backgrounds.  They are of all ages and both genders.  What they have in common is a love of being outside and on the water.  Membership includes training, use of the whaleboats, and beautiful views of New Bedford harbor and other waterways.