Our season kick-off party is held in early Spring. This year it will be on Friday, April 13th, 2017 at the Valley Top Tavern in Dartmouth at 6:00pm (cocktails at 5:30pm). This is a fun relaxed event to get the season started. We have raffle items, new tee's and gear for sale. It's a wonderful time to reacquaint everyone and kick around ideas for the upcoming season.


WCR Destination Rows

Once a month (weather depending), we'll take the boat out to different exotic locations to row, explore and lunch.

Our first destination was to Padanarum on June 25th


August 7th...We teamed up with MBOWR to row Sconticut Neck and West Island. We went around the island, had lunch on the beach and a swim before rowing back for home. We're looking forward to more rows with MBOWR.

Stay tuned for news of our next Destination Row.



Full moon rows are offered during the spring, summer and fall months of the year, weather permitting. Boarding times vary depending on the month, but generally are within one half-hour after sunset. We return to the dock about 8:30 - 8:45 PM. More precise timelines are announced with each Full Moon Row below. Boats are steered by qualified WCR Boatsteerers.

If you would like to sign up for a Full Moon Row, please email LIZ LABELLE.


In addition to the usual rowing gear, be sure to bring along a light jacket and camera. Many Full Moon Rowers bring along snacks and juices to share, or hot chocolate during cooler weather. Please note: As per order of the WCR Board of Directors, alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted in WCR boats.

SCHEDULED FULL MOON ROWS 2017:*                                  

May 10th "Milk Moon" | Sunset at 7:52pm. Leave dock at 8:00 PM | SIGN UP

June 20th "Flower Moon"  | Sunset at 8:21pm. Leave dock at 8:30 PM | SIGN UP

July 9th "Hay Moon" | Sunset at 8:19pm. Leave dock at  8:30 PM | SIGN UP

August 7th "Grain Moon" | Sunset at 7:54pm. Leave dock at 8:00 PM | SIGN UP

September 6th "Fruit Moon" | Sunset at 7:08pm. Leave dock at 8:00 PM | SIGN UP

October 5th "Harvest Moon" | Sunset at 6:18pm. Leave dock at 7:00 PM | SIGN UP

November 4th "Hunter's Moon" | Sunset at 5:34pm. Leave dock at 6:00 PM | SIGN UP

(* Using the English names for each row)



As the days grow short, members gather for our annual potluck dinner.  We hear updates on club activities and plans from officers  We share the food that we bring and memories of the rowing season that is ending for some (although not for all--a few maniacs row right through the winter.).