WHEN: May 5th, 2018 - race day registration starts at 8:am - Race starts at 9:am.

WHERE: Pope's Island Marina, New Bedford, MA

The Wicked Whaleboat Challenge is a race that not only tests the speed of the crew but also tests their skills. We've designed a course that accentuates the maneuverability of whaleboats and also incorporates a variety of skills that will challenge the coordination of the boatsteerer and the crew. 

The course is a timed event with each boat staggering their start, so there will only be two boats on the course at any time. 

After the row, enjoy and vote for your favorite WCR member's chowder for our membership's chowder competition!

The Wicked Whaleboat Challenge is restricted to whaleboats only. Our own fiberglass replica whaleboats will be available for any teams that wish to row (if you do not have a certified whaleboat boatsteerer, one will be provided for you). If you wish to train on our boats ahead of the challenge, please contact Mark at to schedule a training row.

REGISTRATION FORM: Find the registration form HERE

Advised Skills: 

  • Stern Stroke
  • Port and Starboard turns
  • Man Overboard Drill
  • A sense of FUN!

Sorry. there are no divisions.

The awards given will be for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place with additional superlative awards to be named later.

Course Description: (subject to change)
1. With the bow lined up with the Starting buoy, at the horn, the boat will STERN STROKE back until the bow lines up with the #2 marker buoy.

2. Once lined up with the #2 marker buoy, the boat may revert to a normal pull.

3. Go around the island (beware of the shallows) keeping the marker buoys to your starboard.

4. Make a starboard turn around the marker buoy

5. Immediately after making a starboard turn at the marker, kick the mannequin overboard and continue to the next marker.

6.  Make a port turn and remove the steering oar from the water. You'll need to use commands to steer your rowers to the mannequin.

7.  Retrieve the mannequin from the water. The steering oar can go back in the water.

8.  Row towards the #2 marker and make a sharp port turn between the end of the pier and the #2 marker. You've finished!

9. Return the mannequin to the launching dock.

10. Enjoy some chowder!


Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2017 Wicked Whaleboat Challenge! Between the torrential rain and the 19mph winds, it lived up to it's name. The fact that 12 teams participated in those conditions, is a testament to your indomitable spirit. But enough of my ramblings...the RESULTS by order of launching..(BWT is Bob Water Time, or how long he was in the water)

The Crab-A-Lots------ 12:41 (BWT 2:21)
Kevin's Buzzards-------10:37 (BWT 1:47) THIRD PLACE
AMHS Men's------------9:55 (BWT 2:09) FIRST PLACE
BBRC Pick Me Ups---12:33 (BWT 2:21)
Miller Highlites--------12:10 (BWT 2:43)
AHMS Women's------17:09 (BWT 6:51) DROWNED CAPT'N AWARD
The Oar-E-O's---------12:32 (BWT 2:03)
The Sirines--------------11:03 (BWT 1:39)
Polar Oartex------------10:20 (BWT 1:55) SECOND PLACE
Dirty Oars---------------12:29 (BWT 2:52)
Seal Whisperers---------11:37 (BWT 1:55)
Louie's Buzzards------- 11:54 (BWT 1:58)

also congratulations to Ryan Dwelly for winning the coveted Golden Ladle for the Wicked Best-est Chowdah of 2017 and Lee-Ann Ruf for winning the cherished Golden Spork for the Wicked Best-est Chili of 2017!

Thanks everyone!