Call for Rowers

The racing season is upon us! And so too is the call for racers.

The Grey Buzzards are heading down to New London, CT to row in the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival to represent us and the NBWM in the Beetle boat on Sept 12th. They are planning a reunion of all the wooden whaleboats from the Charles W Morgan Homecoming. But the Buzzards are down one rower.

Would you like to participate, spectate or help out in any way? Please contact Louie at or myself at

The New London likes to call itself the whaling city, but I’d like to remind them that they are just “a” whaling city, while we are “THE” Whaling City. Let’s show them what we’re made of! 

(I know! I know it’s a dangling participle! But “Let’s show them of what we are made!” just doesn’t have the same gravitas)



WCR Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas