Wicked Whaleboat Challenge 2017 Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in Saturday's 2017 Wicked Whaleboat Challenge! Between the torrential rain and the 19mph winds, it lived up to it's name. The fact that 12 teams participated in those conditions, is a testament to your indomitable spirit. But enough of my ramblings...the RESULTS by order of launching..(BWT is Bob Water Time, or how long he was in the water)

The Crab-A-Lots------ 12:41 (BWT 2:21)
Kevin's Buzzards-------10:37 (BWT 1:47) THIRD PLACE
AMHS Men's------------9:55 (BWT 2:09) FIRST PLACE
BBRC Pick Me Ups---12:33 (BWT 2:21)
Miller Highlites--------12:10 (BWT 2:43)
AHMS Women's------17:09 (BWT 6:51) DROWNED CAPT'N AWARD
The Oar-E-O's---------12:32 (BWT 2:03)
The Sirines--------------11:03 (BWT 1:39)
Polar Oartex------------10:20 (BWT 1:55) SECOND PLACE
Dirty Oars---------------12:29 (BWT 2:52)
Seal Whisperers---------11:37 (BWT 1:55)
Louie's Buzzards------- 11:54 (BWT 1:58)

also congratulations to Ryan Dwelly for winning the coveted Golden Ladle for the Wicked Best-est Chowdah 0f 2017 and Lee-Ann Ruf for winning the cherished Golden Spork for the Wicked Best-est Chili of 2017!

Thanks everyone!