Wicked Whaleboat Challenge Winners

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers and conscripted spouses/children for making the Wicked Whaleboat Challenge such a great success this year!!

Congratulations to this year's winners:
1st Place: The Polar Oartex
2nd Place: The Dirty Oars
3rd Place: The Seal Whisperers
The Drowned Captain Award: The Crab-a Lots

Winner of the Wicked Best-est Chowder Cup: Sandy Zekan
Honorable Mention for Best Dressed: Queequeg and the Pips

Whaleboat Wednesday

It's Whaleboat Wednesday!

Featuring, Hurk's Sunday Open Row Spectacular with special guest, boatsteerer in training Beth! Great job!


It's Whaleboat Wednesday!

Featuring, Hurk's Sunday Open Row Spectacular with special guest, boatsteerer in training Beth! Great job!


Save the Date

Whaling City Rowing’s WICKED WHALEBOAT CHALLENGE is back!

SAVE THIS DATE! Saturday, May 21st, 2016 at Pope’s Island Marina, New Bedford, MA.

The Wicked Whaleboat Challenge is a race that not only tests the speed of a crew but also tests their skills. We've designed a course that accentuates the maneuverability of whaleboats and also incorporates a variety of skills that will challenge the coordination of the boatsteerer and the crew. (But really, the best part is trying to save Bambi or Thumper from the icy sea)

Whaling City Rowing will provide the whaleboat, all you need to do, is provide the crew!

For more information on the course/registering as a team or individual/etc ...


After the row, enjoy and vote for your favorite WCR member's chowder for our Wicked Bestest Chowder Competition!

Be sure to register early! Entry applications received BEFORE Thursday, May 5th will receive a free WICKED WHALEBOAT CHALLENGE T-SHIRT. Entry applications are available at HERE

Registration will also be available on the day of the race at 8:am.

Please email me (mark@incabinated.com) if you have any questions about the challenge. Please email Lauri (bylauri@verizon.net) if you'd like to participate in the chowder competition.

Hope to see you there!

38th Annual Snow Row Date Announced

Saturday, February 27, 2016
Windmill Point Boathouse
185 Main St., Hull, MA
Registration:  TBD
Coxswain's Meeting: TBD
Race Start:  TBD

HLM's signature-rowing race, the Snow Row, covers a 3 3/4 mile triangular course starting off the beach at Windmill Point, continuing around Sheep Island, past the Peddocks Island day marker, and back to shore. Huge crowds gather on the beach beside HLM's Windmill Point Boathouse to share in the wild, LeMans-style start, unpredictable weather, and one-of-a-kind gathering of gorgeous boats and athletes. Entirely within view of the Boathouse, the event is a much of a thrill for spectators as for participants. It is also a rare opportunity to see, up close, rowers of all ages and their stunning array of wooden pulling boats -- peapods, dories, wherries, whitehalls, ocean shells, kayaks, pilot gigs, captain's gigs, and Irish currachs. Youth and adult crews and rowers from all over New England, New York, and along the East Coast will join them.

The race has five boat categories: workboats, livery boats, coxed boats, ocean kayaks, and ocean shells. A few notes to all race participants: 1) all boats must carry PFDs, bailers, and whistles, 2) all coxed boats must pre-register and begin the race bow on the beach, and, 3) the HLM Race Committee reserves the right to cancel the race or keep individual boats from setting forth due to weather conditions or rower skill level.

After watching the excitement of the Snow Row's one-of-a-kind start, come to the Lifesaving Museum, a mile from the boathouse which will be open throughout the day with free admission. For more information please contact Ed McCabe at (781) 925-5433 or email ed@hulllifesavingmuseum.org.

Check http://www.hulllifesavingmuseum.org/martimeapprenticeprogram.html#races for more information.

The Mayflower in NB

It's Whaleboat ...Thursday?

Featuring the Mayflower II! I'd just like to share what we ran into this morning during our Dawn Patrol. The Mayflower II, docked by the new Marine Commerce Terminal! I believe it's supposed to leave this morning, but with today's winds, it may stick around a little longer. Well...we were excited. That is all. :-)

Winter Gloves

Ahoy all,

As the cold weather encroaches, so do the questions of the best gloves for Winter rowing. The following are not endorsements, but simply suggestions (although I do use the Planet Bike Borealis myself) if you're looking for a glove or holiday present. I'm adding links to the companies that make them, prices may be cheaper elsewhere. SIDE NOTE: If you use a liner, be sure the gloves are comfortable and not too tight. The last thing you want is to cut off circulation to your hands on a cold winter morning.

1. Winter Mountain Bike Gloves, they usually have a decent grip and they're made to be warm in sweaty and adverse weather conditions.

Planet Bike Borealis - http://ecom1.planetbike.com/glove9004.html

Performance Cabot - http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Product_10052_10551_1158934_-1___

Pearl Izumi Lobster Glove - http://shop.pearlizumi.com/product.php?mode=view&pc_id=487&product_id=2521295&outlet=&color_code=021

2. Winter Kayak/Paddling Gloves, Usually neoprene to be waterproof AND a good grip for paddling. Possibly the best of both worlds? They are NOT easy to get off so good luck if there's something in your pocket that you need quickly.

SIDE NOTE: About neoprene, Neoprene works by trapping a thin layer of water between your skin and the neoprene. Your body heat warms up the layer of water, which keeps you warm. Ideally, you want a tight-fitting neoprene glove, which keeps the layer of water directly against your skin and helps prevent new cold water from flowing in. Loose gloves or gloves that allow water in at the wrist are colder than others, because the water moves around and colder water enters the glove more often.

NRS Natural - http://www.nrs.com/product/2441/nrs-natural-gloves-closeout?pdeptid=944&avad=3366_fa03775a

3. Winter Fishing Gloves, Also usually neoprene. GREAT grip, but once they are wet, they don't dry out that fast. I would suggest getting a liner for added warmth.

Liner - http://www.glacierglove.com/shop/008bk-glacier-liner/

Glacier Gloves Bristol Bay - http://www.glacierglove.com/shop/bristol-bay-neo-full-curved-finger/

I hope that helps.

See you on the water!


WCR Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas


Call for Rowers

The racing season is upon us! And so too is the call for racers.

The Grey Buzzards are heading down to New London, CT to row in the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival to represent us and the NBWM in the Beetle boat on Sept 12th. They are planning a reunion of all the wooden whaleboats from the Charles W Morgan Homecoming. But the Buzzards are down one rower.

Would you like to participate, spectate or help out in any way? Please contact Louie at loubuzzard@hotmail.com or myself at mark@incabinated.com.

The New London likes to call itself the whaling city, but I’d like to remind them that they are just “a” whaling city, while we are “THE” Whaling City. Let’s show them what we’re made of! 

(I know! I know it’s a dangling participle! But “Let’s show them of what we are made!” just doesn’t have the same gravitas)



WCR Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas

Upcoming WCR Events

Ahoy all!

We have lots coming up in the next few weeks you might want to know about. So, I'll try to keep it brief.

August 30th at 8:am - We are going to attempt another roadtrip (once again, weather permitting) to Plymouth. Please sign up at the SignUp Genius page here...


Sept 13 - Minot's Light Roundabout in Cohasset - We have TWO boats participating so far, the Grey Buzzards and the Polar Oartex. If you're free that day, swing by and help cheer on our teams!


Sept 19 - The Slocum Challenge Regatta - We'll be bringing the Skylark down to the Slocum the week of the race and leave it there for a few weeks afterward, for any crews that would enjoy a Slocum row.


Sept 26 - The Working Waterfront Festival Whaleboat Races - Our friends at Buzzard's Bay Rowing always put on a fun race and we don't even have to bring our own boats! (Don't forget the performance portion! Last year the Shiverin' Timbers won "Best Performance" with a sea shanty)


October 18 - The Mighty Merrimack Rowing Race in Amesbury - Not much info on this yet.


Wow! This Summer has flown by!

See you on the water.

-Mark Hurley

WCR Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas